Monday, 13 August 2012

Atelier Meruru - Alchemist of Arland 3 cosplay

Hi everyone..

i come back again..

Now, i would like to share about my new cosplay..

is Merurulince Rede Arls from Atelier Meruru – Alchemist of Arland 3
Well, actually i was wearing this at Gelar Jepang UI 2012, 15th July.

fiuh,, i’m so glad i can finish this costume in time.. even i still have to make the staff and her bag. TAT

But,, is so nice to cosplay as her..
i love her mufler.. she have a half mufler.. and i think that was make her really cute >0< okay about the character.. Merurulince Rede Arls or u can call her meruru.. is the main chara in Atelier Meruru - Alchemist of Arland 3. She is totori student. And she is also the princess of Arlands.. ( that’s way she wear a crown, and i also making the tutorial about making the crown) . she is so young, (not like me TAT) her age is about 16 year old. And if u seeing rorona became a child. Hmn.. the reason is because of her. XD

Okay, Since this is the final series of atelier- alchemist of arlands. I also wanna make the other character.. like totori. I hope i can make it. Amin

Now, let’s look how i made the costume
First.. i gather the material..
i use 2m of Satin Taffeta (yellow)
ready to use corset
1 1/5m Satin silk (white)
a variety of lace (golden, white, organdy, etc)
and also the others tools

since i’m a muslim.. i have to redesign her corset... and that’s way i prefer to remake the ready use corset.. ( well is more cheaper than i made in the tailor, coz i can’t make the corset TAT). Then i start making the yellow part for the corset... i just put the corset on the paper and making the pattern yellow part. Pretty easy XD and now i have the yellow part.. and start to sew on my corset..
the corset

next, is made the sleeves... i attach the flower detail that i made it before.. for flower detail i paint it using acrylic paint. And also adding the golden lace.

After finish it, i still have to finishing the detail, adding more lace at the corset, and accesories.

finish.. how is looks??

for the skirt.. since is a pleated skirt.. i have to pleated the pattern first and ironing. Then sewing... sewing the zipper, etc... adding organdy lace for details

fiuh, i’m so sorry i forgot to taking the pict when i making the mufler and
for making the really easy... first, i folding the fabric into a triangle.. measure the height of the muffler then cutting the upside and the edge.. so when u unfold the fabric.. u will have a half round pattern...

then,, i sew the red (offside) and white ( inside) muffler, adding the lace, and attach the collar..

for the pants.. wew... i think i should skip this one.. XD

well, i stiil adding more and more details to make it perfect XD ( actually not a 100% perfect LOL)

here, some gallery of my Meruru Cosplay

Hope u Enjoy My Cosplay ^0^

Taken by Rin Itzhar ( i really love this pict <3 )

Taken by Kameko no Kitsune ( Achil-san)

i'm thinking LOL


Thursday, 26 July 2012

Atelier Totori - Cecillia Helmold Cosplay


fiuh, is been a long time i never update my blog... hahahahahha is because lately i have so many personal problem.. TAT... but, right know i feel much better. so, i think is the right time to blogging again...

now, i would like to share my cosplay as cecillia helmold.

Cecillia is a character for Atelier Totori. well, she is totori sister. i love her costume and also her personality. so, i think i'm gonna cosplay as her. and finally is been done.

so, this the process when i making cecillia costume.

the costume,

well, for this i using a satin tafetta. and i buy the flower detail. and sewing it in the neck side. also for the sleeves.. cecillia have two side of sleeves. TAT.

the skirt process

for the skirt i use a cotton fabric. and for the detail i paint it using acrylic paint.

and for the accesories i made by myself.. like the hairpin. i just bought a leaf paqueete on the market then glue it to bobby pin. and for the pendant i made using a clay and fake diamond

so... this is the result...

i'm cosplay it, in the local event at jogjakarta

how i'm?? pretty?? /slapped

hope u like it.
HapPy CosPlaY ^0^

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Meruru Crown Tutorial

How To Make Meruru Crown.

okay, this is my new tutorial and i would like to explain ‘bout making a meruru crown. Since i will cosplay a her A.S.A.P. meruru is a main character at Atelier Meruru .

meruru chan~~~ <3 br="">
i love making this. >0<.
Is so simple and the material is so easy to find it.

well, let’s jump to the tutorial.


1. Fabric ( pink / red colour, i use satin)
2. Fake leather (gold) u can use a craftfoam instead using this.
3. Craft foam
4. Needle and thread
5. Scissors
6. Hot glue and glue gun
7. Paint (gold)
8. Brush
9. Wire and chain
10. Jewel ( round shape and green colour)
11. Clay ( again u can use craftfoam instaed using this)
12. Plastic bottle
13. Hairclip ( i’m using aligator clip)

Let’s make it:

1. Gather all the material and prefare for making the star shape first. I already making , using a clay. Instead of clay u can use craftfoam for making this. After u make the star add again a little detail in the side and glue a jewel on the center of star. And also make a hole in upside star.

2. Take a wire and put in the hole of star then take chain, put in the wire and twist the wire. After that finish it with glue to seal the wire.

3. now, paint it your star and let it dry

4. Now, take your plastic bottle and cut it. The end of your bottle like this.

5. After that, place your bottle in the fabric then. Cut your fabric in to square.

6. Now, is time to sew. Take your needle then, Sewing the shape of the bottle. Now your fabric will look like this.

7. Glue it. Take your glue gun and start to gluing your fabric to bottle. Now u have the basic crown.

8. after finish. Take your needle again and sew the top of your crown. Sew it round.

9. well, let’s make the top of your crown. Take your craft foam, and make make a cone shape. And make a heart shape like in the pict. Then glue your top of your heart shape into the bottom heart shape. Now glue your heart shape into the cone. The cutting a little craft foam tome the detail of your cone shape. Don’t forget to paint it and let it dry.

10. now. Take your fake leather. This time u make the detail of the crown.. well, as u can see. The detail is look like a heart shape. So. The firts is measure the lenght of the crown. then cut your leather. Now, try to make a skecth of the detail... mine is like this.

11. cutting the details.
12. After finish, take the detail and glue it to your crown. don’t forget add the star shape that u make it before ( i believe is already dry if u use a quick dry paint). The glue it in the backside of the crown.

13. Now, attach the jewel to the center of heart shape. Gluing all of them.

14. Then, take the upside crown ( if is already dry) and glue it in the upside of your crown.

15. Fiuh, is almost done.

16. Again, take your craft foam and make a round shape ( this is to cover the bottom of the crown) then glue in the bottom of crown. then take your hairclip. And glue it to the bottom of the crown

17. FINISH!! ^0^

now, u have a meruru crown~~. i believe u can also make the other crown using this tutorial. I hope u enjoy my tutorial and thanks for read my tutorial.

and also forgive me about my english ( well, i’m indonesian. So english is not my mother language XD)

Thursday, 29 March 2012

rapunzel hipster version cosplay

okay last week i just decide to cosplay as rapunzel hipster version at BINUS.

so, in the night before the event i was thinking?? what should i wear? should i wear my costum? or casual?
and the answer is i want to cosplay as rapunzel in hipster version. since i still have some fabric and other material.

so, this hipster version is made by someone. i dont know exacly who make this version. since i got the pict from my friend bozu. who tag me the link in FB. and i search on 9gag a gogling it. XD

here the disney in hipster version

hua.. they so cute >0<

so i just have to make the shirt since i already have the jeans.. also for teh bag i use my totori bag XD

here the process,
making the front.
i added a ribbon

i will add the button in the upside

then attach the laces

i love this laces, thanks to rui. i bought from her.

after finish, now my turn is to make the sleeves

okay now i have to add the sleeves to the shirt and also the collar ^0^
i decided to use some bronch to make it more cute >0<

and here some picture of my cosplay


camwhore with my friend

imagine draw nature
taken by youna

making a sketch
taken by youna

hmm, what should i draw
taken by kresnata

fiuh, tired
taken by youna

i hope my other disney team will also make this version. so we can take another photoshot. amin

thanks for visiting
and forgive about my english ^0^

Friday, 16 March 2012

my next cosplay project

so, after finish my rapunzel costume. now i want to focus on my own project.^0^

well, is my dream project for cosplaying this series. and i also gonna have a friend who will be my pair. ^0^.. is ci mia.. can't wait to cosplay with handsome guy... XD

well, since i'm a jobless. and having so much time to do something. so i decide to making a flower details to my costume. and is for sleeves part and collar.

i paint the detail using acrylic paint.

here the process

first, i draw the red colour first, (well, i'm gonna use 3 colour)

then yellow

well before i shown you my result (after i paint the green)
i would like to show u the original image and is..

then this my result.

hahaha not bad.. XD

and finish ^0^.

tomorrow i will hunting some fabric for my other cosplay project with rui. and i aslo wanna buy a fabric for this cosplay.. well i already bought the other fabic. but the colour is wrong..


oh my money~~~~

sorry bout my english ^0^

Saturday, 10 March 2012


well, right now. i start to open commison for plushie and cosplay costume.


this is only for Indonesian. *cost the shipping cost to overseas is really expensive*
so i rather using my bahasa ^0^.

yup, sekarang aku mulai membuka commision untuk plushie, cosplay costume,properti cosplay dan wig styling.

* qouta untuk plushie tiap bulan hanya menerima ( 4-5) plushie dan wig styling

* qouta untuk kostum tiap bulan menerima ( 2-3 ) kostum.

*qouta properti ( 2-3)

contoh: jika kamu pesan kostum/ plushie pada tangal 10 maret. tapi qouta sudah penuh. maka kostume kamu akan di kerjakan pada bulan berikutnya ( april) dan selesai pada bulan berikutnya ( mei ).

Untuk pemesanan caranya:

- kirim notes/ pm di fb / email gambar dari plushie atau kostum.

- jika gambar sudah di terima maka saya akan memberikan rincian harga dan juga
material yang akan di gunakan. semakin bagus bahan yang di
gunakan juga semakin rumit desain yang diinginkan maka harga akan semakin mahal.

- setelah harga di setujui maka, kamu bisa mentransfer uang muka ( DP ) 75 % dari
total keseluruhan harga.
DP ini untuk pembelian material dan menghindari ( hit n run ) costumer.
* contoh harga kostume rp.500.000,- maka yang kamu transfer adalah rp.350.000,-

- proses pengerjaan 3 minggu sampai 7 minggu( tergantung dari tingkat kerumitan,
semakin rumit maka semakin lama waktu pengerjaannya).

- jika kostume telah selesai saya akan mempublish foto tersebut dan harap melunasi
sisa pembayaran sebesar 25%. dari total keseluruhan harga
dan biaya ongkos kirim menggunakan JNE/TIKI ke rumah kalian.

untuk yang mau liat referensi saya bisa liat disini:

buat yang mo liat referensi costume buatan saya bisa liat disini. set/ ?set=a.1658548021508.2087482.11 71360156&type=3 set/ ?set=a.1429210128204.2058305.1171360156&type=3

atau mau yang buat plushie bisa liat di shop saya. profile.php?id=100001841073164

terakhir. terima kasih atas kepercayaan kalian untuk mengunakan jasa saya. ^0^

happy comish ^0^

Interview with Tv One

well, i just having some interview about my disney princess cosplay and bout my cosplay life.

so, at the Hellofest 2012. when we staying at the lobby ( i already said that we can go anywhere because so many people who wants to take a pict with us even when we have a rest). we meet a reporter from Tv One ( a national tv ). his name is oho. He wants to take our picture and video and also wanna interview us. because we different with other cosplayer. we cosplay from Cartoon and Is Disney princess.

then he ask us about our contact person and we give him kika phone number. cos, she is the master plan of disney princess project.

a saveral week later, he text kika and he said that he want to having an interviwewith us. unfortunatly, some of my frinds didn't come in, due to personal reason. so only me and kika who can take the interview. then i ask kika, bout invite ci mia. bacause ci mia will be our philip prince ( lucky for aurora who have a handsome prince). then, she agreed. so the three of us will attend the interview.

the interview was held in Glintz studio ( a photo studio located near of Indosiar Studio).

here some of camwhore that i take on the studio...

ci mia, me and kika

snowlay and uzelay ( actually is snow white and rapunzel but we call them like that)

pretend with this blinked eyes XD

i restyle my wig >0<

well, i still didn't know when the video will be aired. but they said it will be on march... i so nervous waiting it to be aired. XD

thank you for visit my blog ^0^