Monday, 31 October 2011

cosplayers attack at main kata Global TV

well, yesterday on 30 oct, i just finish taking a shot in studio AD ragunan.

this time me and my cosplay friend have shooting in the game program of main kata at Global TV. a local chanel in indonesia. thanks to ci mia for including me in the team ^0^

this episod is special because the contestant is cosplayer. so is about 40th cosplayer who is join this program. who separate to 4 group which one group have 10 person.

my group si B or yellow, and group name is UNICORN (United Indonesian Cosplay Network)>
every group should have a jingle song. well, we still not prepared the jingle.. so when i'm in the make up room i sing moonligt densetsu ( sailormoon song) and my friend echow said.. why we dont make a jingle from the song that we have already known. so i change some lyric in moonlight densetsu and finally we have our jingle song ^0^

and this the lyric (sorry the lyric is in bahasa ^^;)

all: united indonesian cosplay network
me: tara tara tara tara

all: bukanku tak pernah berteru terang
bukanku tak mempercayaimu
namun sebelumku berganti rupa
ingin aku mengalahkanmu
dengan bermandikan cahya bulan
yang cemerlang dimalam yang cerah
memang telah lama kurasakan
kita pasti akan menang

me: dengan ke kuatan bulan
kita pasti akan mengalahkan kalian


hahhaha an ugly jingle song TAT

and then the game is begin...

since is really long if i write it, so i just give u the spoiler ^^;

so, the winner team is A from OPJ opera pan japan

but, my team have an award for the most excited team

yey... is so nice to cooperate with global TV, is my second time in Global TV.
and they so neat to cosplayer not like the other TV station.. cause i have a disapointed experince with other TV station.

okay this some pict in Studio AD

sorry for the image.. since we forgot to bring the camera.. so we just using rin yagami BB TAT

plush comission -blackwing

well... i open comission for making a plush.. u can see my FB page for comission but is only for my country, since shipping cost to overseas is really expensive TAT

this time, i would like to share bout my new finish plush.
is a blackwing the gale of whirlwind from yugioh

and this is it

it's took 3 days for finish this plushie.. because i have so much deadline in my office TAT

and i'm really happy cos the buyer really like this plush.

if u interest for comission the plush u can pm my FB.. ^0^

Sunday, 30 October 2011

maid cosplay at Kinokuniya Plaza Senayan

yuhu.. back again with me ^0^

this time i would like to share 'bout event in kinokuniya Plaza senayan 29th oct 2011. so, for celebrating hallowen kinokuniya was held the event called halloween costume party.

so, my friend, nina text me. if i came to the event..she wants me to cosplay as maid. of course i said YES.. but i h ave a little problem. the problem is...

my maid costume ( mikuru maid version) is in my home, and my kafra (ragnarok online) my sister borrow my costume and still in her friends.. TAT

so, i open my drawer, and see if i can mix macth my old costume.. and finally i found it.

1. my asakura mio - don't say lazy costume
2. my shirt
3. apron from my mikuru maid version (suzumiya haruhi no yuutsu)
4. other accesories from my fate hollow ataraxia costume (i forgot the name chara)
5. my totori skirt
6. the last, my tie from tenshi (touhou)

and viola,, i have a new maid costume... ^0^

so this is..
a maid from somewhere.. ^0^

well, the other pict i will upload later T^T

bali experince~~


alhamdullilah, this is my second time to bali... the first time i came with my frind and my boss. but this time i go as solo traveler.. yay ^0^

the reason i came to bali, is to volunterring the event ubud writer and reader festival.
my boss ask me if i want to be the volunteer.. without concern bout anything, i just say YES.. i'd like to volunteering the event.. then he paid me the acomodation. *really lucky >0<

so.. my journey is from 4th Oct until 10th Oct. and i join in children and youth program.

well, i did'nt take so many pict. cos we can take the photo while in the event.. so sad TAT..

but don't worry i still have some picture to share.. and this is it ^0^

5.00am in soekarno-hatta airport jakarta

welcome to bali >0<

surfer girl welcome banner

me still a little bit jetlag >0<

me in front of museum puri lukisan

shadow puppet (wayang) with theme "the giving tree" by susan

the children .. the so exciting bout the story >0<

me with the writer of garis batas (agustinus wibowo) >0<

me with the writer of naked traveller (trinity)

lunch time with chicken fagita's

walk to my homestay

hahaha me (narsis time) ^0^

art cafe... i love this cafe.. in the night they have live music >0<

still in the art cafe

me.. in the temple (puri)

bali mask

me in kuta beach... (in the night before i comeback to jakarta)

my flight.. err.. again.. they delayed for 2 hours.. TAT

bye-bye bali

i really miss u.. i hope i can comeback to bali... with my BF or maybe my houseband ,amin

well.. i think that is.. the more picture is in my facebook ^0^

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Make over by revlon from


first i would like to say thanks to for making this event
2 weeks ago or at sep 30, i was chosen by to be 1 of 50 for make over by revlon.

yay, i was so happy. this is my third time. being make over by revlon. i was so excited. b'cos, the second time. i didn't like the result (well, i think my make up is more better) XP.

so i make an apointment to come in oct 1st with my friend rui.

and finally i come to Sogo at Mall Kelapa Gading 2. (the place for the event)

wow, so many kompasioner in that place and they're queuing for the make over.
so i just go for registration and then, they give me a gift.. kyaaa thanks ^0^
b'cos is my turn to make over still 3-4 people so i decided to eat something. b'cos i'm so hungry, i didn't get my breakfast. TAT

while i'm waiting for my food. i open the gift. and

tra~ ta~ ta~ ta~ *sfx

yey, i get beauty small pounch, eyeshadow, lipstick, and a voucher. unfortunatly i didn't use the the voucher TAT.

and this the pict,

fiuh, after windows shoping in saveral shop.

finally my turns to make over ^0^

this the ugly duckling

kya... i'm so ugly TAT

and after

me has turn to swan lol

wow...i love the result espesialy, my eyes. ^0^
u know, i have diferrent shape of my eyes, the left is more bigger than the right.
so, know my eyes look same.. ^0^

here's some pict,

no flash

with flash

again, thx to revlon and ^0^