Thursday, 29 March 2012

rapunzel hipster version cosplay

okay last week i just decide to cosplay as rapunzel hipster version at BINUS.

so, in the night before the event i was thinking?? what should i wear? should i wear my costum? or casual?
and the answer is i want to cosplay as rapunzel in hipster version. since i still have some fabric and other material.

so, this hipster version is made by someone. i dont know exacly who make this version. since i got the pict from my friend bozu. who tag me the link in FB. and i search on 9gag a gogling it. XD

here the disney in hipster version

hua.. they so cute >0<

so i just have to make the shirt since i already have the jeans.. also for teh bag i use my totori bag XD

here the process,
making the front.
i added a ribbon

i will add the button in the upside

then attach the laces

i love this laces, thanks to rui. i bought from her.

after finish, now my turn is to make the sleeves

okay now i have to add the sleeves to the shirt and also the collar ^0^
i decided to use some bronch to make it more cute >0<

and here some picture of my cosplay


camwhore with my friend

imagine draw nature
taken by youna

making a sketch
taken by youna

hmm, what should i draw
taken by kresnata

fiuh, tired
taken by youna

i hope my other disney team will also make this version. so we can take another photoshot. amin

thanks for visiting
and forgive about my english ^0^

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