Thursday, 26 July 2012

Atelier Totori - Cecillia Helmold Cosplay


fiuh, is been a long time i never update my blog... hahahahahha is because lately i have so many personal problem.. TAT... but, right know i feel much better. so, i think is the right time to blogging again...

now, i would like to share my cosplay as cecillia helmold.

Cecillia is a character for Atelier Totori. well, she is totori sister. i love her costume and also her personality. so, i think i'm gonna cosplay as her. and finally is been done.

so, this the process when i making cecillia costume.

the costume,

well, for this i using a satin tafetta. and i buy the flower detail. and sewing it in the neck side. also for the sleeves.. cecillia have two side of sleeves. TAT.

the skirt process

for the skirt i use a cotton fabric. and for the detail i paint it using acrylic paint.

and for the accesories i made by myself.. like the hairpin. i just bought a leaf paqueete on the market then glue it to bobby pin. and for the pendant i made using a clay and fake diamond

so... this is the result...

i'm cosplay it, in the local event at jogjakarta

how i'm?? pretty?? /slapped

hope u like it.
HapPy CosPlaY ^0^