Friday, 30 September 2011

Geo Princess Mimi and Barbie eye super nudy lens

Well, two days ago i just order some lens at this online shop is really cheap.. if you buy 3 pairs of lens (you can mix the series).. and you will have more advantages.. like, You will get the wholesale price. Really nice right!!

Since i broke my glasess (TAT) and not yet have the new one.
So, i decide to buy the lens with minus 0.50. and my choice is Geo princess mimi series in brown colour witn minus 0.50. and also i bougth the barbie super nudy in grey colour for my next cosplay (the chara have grey eyes).
unfortunately the barbie lens didn't have minus 0.50 (TAT)

well, i'm not only buy the lens but also buy the travel case.
the travel case is so cute (>0<)
is a pink cat.. lovely <3 .="" br="">
and then here some pict of my lens.

my package

pinky cat... so cute (>O<)

inside the case (^0^)

princess mimi brown without eyeliner... i forgot to put eyeliner (^^);

after i put eyeliner and taken the pict with flash

without flash

so that's it.. and sorry i'm not ready open my barbie super nudy lens. it's b'coz i will open it when i'm finish my costume. ^0^

i hope next month, my costume will be finish. amin

Sunday, 25 September 2011

summer time~~ OOTD and FOTD

well.. i thinks is really late to update the summer looks.. but.. since i just visited the beach, so i would like to share about my OOTD and FOTD..

then, this is it *lol

and this my FOTD

damn.. i think this isn't me.. really look like somebody else

and the product:
moist *dari dokter
etude skinfit base
foundie thefaceshop #23
compact powder maybelline
blush maybelline
concealer ZA
e/s revlon
MAD gel liner
etude bling2 eyes *grey
maybelline volume express mascara
oriflame tender care
etude look at my lips
etude peach watergloss

well then.. i hope u enjoy my pict.. ^0^

Park Bom-2ne1 "Hate u" make up looks

well.. i have a plan with my cosplay friends to cosplay as 2ne1 Hate u Animation MV.
and we will have the photo session at this Oct or in the Nov.

so.. first thing that i have to do is find the wig.. since bom have red hair and until now i've never buy a red wig. so i'm going to Mangga Dua to buy the wig.. unfortunetly, my fav wig shop didn't have the wig.. so i search in other shop.. and finally i get the wig (in cheaper prize) hahahah the owner give me the discount when she looks at my belogging is full of other wig that i bought in my fav shop. ^0^

after i get the wig.. now is time to try the make up...

this is park bom in "Hate You" animated version

and this is me >0<

and the last.. with flash

damn.. my face really looks so pale...

and this is my product that i use:
etude skinfit base (green)
revlon photo ready #007 cool beige
revlon touch & glow
maybelline clear smooth face powder# nude beige
Za concealer perfection #3
maybeline clear smooth concealer
coastal scent pallete blush

PAC green eyeshadow
PAC e5 pearly *black
Coastal Scent pallete eyeshadow
MAD gelliner black
red lipliner *for eyebrow

oriflame tender care
etude looks at my lips
etude peach water gloss #5

the last thing..i hope i can finish the costume

english time

ah.. sorry.. since now i have to improve my english. so, i would like to trying in writing my blog in english.. well, i'm not say that i good in english.. i hate grammar.. but.. i'd like to try.. hehehehe...

well event though maybe i still use my bahasa indonesia... but that's okay.. is my bloq right.. so i can put all of my thing in this blog.. heheheh ^0^

well then.. enjey my blog ^0^