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Meruru Crown Tutorial

How To Make Meruru Crown.

okay, this is my new tutorial and i would like to explain ‘bout making a meruru crown. Since i will cosplay a her A.S.A.P. meruru is a main character at Atelier Meruru .

meruru chan~~~ <3 br="">
i love making this. >0<.
Is so simple and the material is so easy to find it.

well, let’s jump to the tutorial.


1. Fabric ( pink / red colour, i use satin)
2. Fake leather (gold) u can use a craftfoam instead using this.
3. Craft foam
4. Needle and thread
5. Scissors
6. Hot glue and glue gun
7. Paint (gold)
8. Brush
9. Wire and chain
10. Jewel ( round shape and green colour)
11. Clay ( again u can use craftfoam instaed using this)
12. Plastic bottle
13. Hairclip ( i’m using aligator clip)

Let’s make it:

1. Gather all the material and prefare for making the star shape first. I already making , using a clay. Instead of clay u can use craftfoam for making this. After u make the star add again a little detail in the side and glue a jewel on the center of star. And also make a hole in upside star.

2. Take a wire and put in the hole of star then take chain, put in the wire and twist the wire. After that finish it with glue to seal the wire.

3. now, paint it your star and let it dry

4. Now, take your plastic bottle and cut it. The end of your bottle like this.

5. After that, place your bottle in the fabric then. Cut your fabric in to square.

6. Now, is time to sew. Take your needle then, Sewing the shape of the bottle. Now your fabric will look like this.

7. Glue it. Take your glue gun and start to gluing your fabric to bottle. Now u have the basic crown.

8. after finish. Take your needle again and sew the top of your crown. Sew it round.

9. well, let’s make the top of your crown. Take your craft foam, and make make a cone shape. And make a heart shape like in the pict. Then glue your top of your heart shape into the bottom heart shape. Now glue your heart shape into the cone. The cutting a little craft foam tome the detail of your cone shape. Don’t forget to paint it and let it dry.

10. now. Take your fake leather. This time u make the detail of the crown.. well, as u can see. The detail is look like a heart shape. So. The firts is measure the lenght of the crown. then cut your leather. Now, try to make a skecth of the detail... mine is like this.

11. cutting the details.
12. After finish, take the detail and glue it to your crown. don’t forget add the star shape that u make it before ( i believe is already dry if u use a quick dry paint). The glue it in the backside of the crown.

13. Now, attach the jewel to the center of heart shape. Gluing all of them.

14. Then, take the upside crown ( if is already dry) and glue it in the upside of your crown.

15. Fiuh, is almost done.

16. Again, take your craft foam and make a round shape ( this is to cover the bottom of the crown) then glue in the bottom of crown. then take your hairclip. And glue it to the bottom of the crown

17. FINISH!! ^0^

now, u have a meruru crown~~. i believe u can also make the other crown using this tutorial. I hope u enjoy my tutorial and thanks for read my tutorial.

and also forgive me about my english ( well, i’m indonesian. So english is not my mother language XD)

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