Monday, 13 August 2012

Atelier Meruru - Alchemist of Arland 3 cosplay

Hi everyone..

i come back again..

Now, i would like to share about my new cosplay..

is Merurulince Rede Arls from Atelier Meruru – Alchemist of Arland 3
Well, actually i was wearing this at Gelar Jepang UI 2012, 15th July.

fiuh,, i’m so glad i can finish this costume in time.. even i still have to make the staff and her bag. TAT

But,, is so nice to cosplay as her..
i love her mufler.. she have a half mufler.. and i think that was make her really cute >0< okay about the character.. Merurulince Rede Arls or u can call her meruru.. is the main chara in Atelier Meruru - Alchemist of Arland 3. She is totori student. And she is also the princess of Arlands.. ( that’s way she wear a crown, and i also making the tutorial about making the crown) . she is so young, (not like me TAT) her age is about 16 year old. And if u seeing rorona became a child. Hmn.. the reason is because of her. XD

Okay, Since this is the final series of atelier- alchemist of arlands. I also wanna make the other character.. like totori. I hope i can make it. Amin

Now, let’s look how i made the costume
First.. i gather the material..
i use 2m of Satin Taffeta (yellow)
ready to use corset
1 1/5m Satin silk (white)
a variety of lace (golden, white, organdy, etc)
and also the others tools

since i’m a muslim.. i have to redesign her corset... and that’s way i prefer to remake the ready use corset.. ( well is more cheaper than i made in the tailor, coz i can’t make the corset TAT). Then i start making the yellow part for the corset... i just put the corset on the paper and making the pattern yellow part. Pretty easy XD and now i have the yellow part.. and start to sew on my corset..
the corset

next, is made the sleeves... i attach the flower detail that i made it before.. for flower detail i paint it using acrylic paint. And also adding the golden lace.

After finish it, i still have to finishing the detail, adding more lace at the corset, and accesories.

finish.. how is looks??

for the skirt.. since is a pleated skirt.. i have to pleated the pattern first and ironing. Then sewing... sewing the zipper, etc... adding organdy lace for details

fiuh, i’m so sorry i forgot to taking the pict when i making the mufler and
for making the really easy... first, i folding the fabric into a triangle.. measure the height of the muffler then cutting the upside and the edge.. so when u unfold the fabric.. u will have a half round pattern...

then,, i sew the red (offside) and white ( inside) muffler, adding the lace, and attach the collar..

for the pants.. wew... i think i should skip this one.. XD

well, i stiil adding more and more details to make it perfect XD ( actually not a 100% perfect LOL)

here, some gallery of my Meruru Cosplay

Hope u Enjoy My Cosplay ^0^

Taken by Rin Itzhar ( i really love this pict <3 )

Taken by Kameko no Kitsune ( Achil-san)

i'm thinking LOL