Friday, 19 April 2013

killua plush

hi! hi!

today i wanna post my last comish..

did u watch or read  about Hunter X Hunter...

yup.. this plush is a Killua... one of the character in the anime/manga of Hunter X Hunter.

so this is it ^0^

based on this chara

hope u like it.. ^0^

thanks for reading..

also i still have other works to do. 
and a plush project with my friends... 
i hope i can finish in this weeks.. 

Monday, 15 April 2013

yesterday loot

hi! hi!

yesterday i went to kinokuniya @ plaza senanyan with my boy. 
well a month or two month ago is found n interesting item that i should by to help me  for making a craft.
is a Rotary Cutter and Cutting matt.

i've been seen on youtube a lot of crafter from outside using that tool for cutting a fabric, etc.

so, i've looking in a local bookstore. but i cant find it... TAT... then at my birthday, i was dating with my boy at that mall. and i found it...

the cutting matt is more cheaper than ordering from internet  is about idr 105.000 for A2 size. and for rotary cutter i thing is kinda expensive about idr 187.000. but is more cheaper than the last i found in hobby craft shop at the Grand Indonesia. TAT.

so this is it... ^0^ my new babies~~~ 

can't wait for using it >0< 

ps: i also go to the body shop, actually i wanna buy the bb cream too.. but... my money~~~~ TAT

Thursday, 11 April 2013

life size plush

hi! hi! 

actually this plush, is an order from my friend. he love the character.. and he asking me if i can made a life size doll ( the height is about 70cm). 

so i made this plush..

material : velboa, flanel, and dacron

if u interested to make your own plush or wanna give a special present for your family, lover, friends, etc.
 you can contact me
yuka : 0812 1889 6091

thx for reading

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

my facebook page~

hai! hai!

now, i would like to introducing my facebook page.

actually I've created this page a year ago. but I did not get post it on my blog.

and that page is the place for me to have an orders whether it be plush, costume, wig or wig styling, etc.
so, if u wanna make an order u can visit that page and sent me PM ^0^

thank you.

happy reading ^0^

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

changing my header... lol


yup, sesuai judul... niatnya si mo bikin desain blog yang bagus gitu.. tp apa daya.... karena gak gitu ngerti.. jadi ya... seadanya deh... #dilempar...

maaf kalo jelek. dan sry pke bahasa indo... lagi agak males soalnya.. toh ini juga gak penting XD.

ya apapun itu, makasih sudah mo mampir ke blog aku yang geje ini... makasih..

tapi si.. mungkin klo ada waktu bisa minta tolong sama pacar XP
buat di beresin ini blognya..
karena nantinya blog ini gak cuma tentang cosplay, cosplay progress, dsb.

pengennya si bakal majang beberapa crafting hasil buatan sendiri, dan nantinya isnya allah buat jualan juga... (amin).

smoga bisa terlaksana... amin..

thx for reading ^0^