Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Maou maoyuu yuusha cosplay

Hi! Hi! 

do you know about manga / anime Maou Maoyuu Yuusha...

well, i will cosplay as maou ( demon queen) from maou maoyuu yuusha. A main chara from that anime.

I know this anime from my boyfriend .. every we meet, he have to copied anime for me. And one of them is this anime. So, I watched it. I was amazed with this character. i though she just a typical ojou-sama or something but not she was clever and smart. So, why not cosplaying as here. Moreover, we have the same physical appearence.. (Oppai and flabby arm )..

also i like the yuusha... He was tsundere type boy.. like my BF.. ( urgh).... 

okay.. now let see the costume progress..

progress for the dress.. 

sleeves part...

note: for the sleeves because there plaid pattern detail. so i made ​​2 parts. 1 red (for the inside), 1 again black ( for the upside).  also for the black part i cut a square pattern. Then, I glue the inside with double tape. actually it much better if i glue with a glue for fabric but. i forget to buy that. and all i have is double tape.(look the pict for detail)...well the reason i glue it is because, if it's sewing the thread will be seen. 

 yey... almost done!!!
trying the costume~~

well since the costume almost done. the next thing is trying the make up...

lastly.. i also made the horn headband. i made it from craft foam / eva foam. and paint it with acrylic paint then finish it with clear pylox.

actually this costume is already done. and i wear it to convention was held a month ago. but i just forget to write it in my blog..

so here some picture from my friends..
and i'm still waiting some pict from arka... (arka cepetan fotonya!!!) *ditabok

credit to Seno triadi

credit to Shigu

selca ~~

okay, that's it... i will post again some pict of my maou cosplay.. and if I managed to persuade my boyfriend to cosplay as yuusha.. 

aaawww..... i wanna have maou nendo~~~ 

Happy Cosplay

thanks for visit and reading my blog

also forgive about my bad grammar 

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

beauty haul from may - july 2013

hi! hi!....

it's been a long time i never update about my beauty haul. hehehe.. actually i kinda confused what i want to write in this blog, should it be a cosplay blog, crafty blog, beauty blog, etc.
then. i think this about something that i love.

Therefore this is one of the things i love. beauty junkies. i love wearing a make up. and for cosplayers it's a must to wear a make up when u cosplaying. but do not forget you also have to maintain and care for your body, face, etc. because it's for your health as well.

this my beauty haul from may  till now ( skincare, make up, etc). and here they are...

left to right:
-tony moly : mineral skin-fit make up fixer, tomatox n intense care dual effect sleeping pact (sample), cleansing tissue ( free).
-elise lashes ( buy 1 get  1)
- kay colection : scoth tape 
- maybelline : hyper curl volume express, cheeky glow #fresh coral, clear smooth all in one #honey, clear smooth mineral concealer, 
- viva : cucumber milk cleanser and toner

this is from beauty box subscription( BTI june box )

acnes pore pack

Nature republic
Aloe Soothing Gel

the first fermentation hydrogel mask, 

SKII facial treatment essence and cleansing oil for this i got free for every purchase min idr 250.000 at MTA and have a sms from telkomsel.

Vaseline : insta fair n night repair from disdus only idr 10k.
Green mommy shop / rainforest : shea butter, cacao soap, castille soap, healthy hair oil, real rose toner, apple vinegar.

make up box case from Kay Collection. 

also the last is from beauty box subscription ( Lola box July )

JUARA Sweet Black Tea and Rice Facial Moisturizer - sample size
JUARA Rice Facial Cleanser - sample size
JUARA Sweet Black Tea Eye Cream - sample size
SLEEK Eye dust in starry eyes
TFS Face it Art Nails-Crack Collection - BR801
Britney Spears Perfume - Radiance 
Hair Velcro 

well that's it.. i think i need to save my money to buy the nyx pallate  and sigma/masami shouko brush.
the thing's that i love is beauty box.  i can try so many beauty product and sometimes i get a real size product. even i have to guess what's inside the box  .but you will be surprised when he opened the pretty box. Sometimes it can be good sometimes not. 

thanks for reading..

well, from now on I will frequently update my blog whether it's about cosplay, crafting, or beauty related stuff.

have a nice day..

Btw, Happy Fasting Month.