Tuesday, 22 November 2011

atelier totori costume finish


finally, my totori costume is finish

i start making this costume in 19th sept 2011 and finish at nov 2011.
wow, so long. yup.

is because i still have some comission and my task in office.. so my time to sew is just from 7 p.m till 10 p.m.

i would like to say thanks to my mom.. cause she bought me a new sewing machine.

thanks mom!

well and this is my costume process

the skirt

cover boots~

the dress... ukgh.. i hate this dress.. cause i have to remake again.. beacuse of my foolish.. for making a wrong pattern.. and have to resewing again.. and this the best i can sew.. TAT

material for bolero part

finish bolero..
this is my first time making an embiordery.. so i still screw some part TAT

the bag ^0^

and the result is...

yay... i fisrt using this costume in World Cyber Game event. in epicentrum Jakarta 12 nov 2011

this, my pict.. when i cosplay as Totori from atelier totori

okay, i will post the other pict.. if my friend finish edited the pict...

well thanks for viewing my blog~~

Monday, 21 November 2011

Product Review: SILKY GIRL Double Intense Gel Eyeliner

okay, this is my first time for reviewing product.. i know this is not beauty blog, and maybe there’s other blog who just write this product review.. but i just want to share it will the other.. and hope it will help u for buying product.

okay let’s get back to the title.

two days ago i buy this gel eyeliner in indomaret. I don’t know the others shop which is sell this product, except indomaret (local minimarket). I buy for Rp.39.900,- (this product have a sale, lucky me ^0^) the normal price maybe about Rp.45.000,-. Is really cheap for gel eyeliner. Cause my MAD gel liner is ‘bout Rp.100.000,-.

The colour is pure black. I dont know if they have other colour than black??
The thing that makes me shock is i just realize when i see the package that, this product has manufactured by: Milott Laboratories Co, LTD Samutprakarn, THAILAND.

Okay, so this is the product

SILKYGIRL Double Intense Gel Eyeliner

instruction manual

is really comes in handy

They have a small brush, really cute >0<

And this description bout the product as seen in the package box,

SILKY GIRL Double intense Gel Eyeliner

A waterproot gel cream eyeliner that ensures easy and precisenapplication. Its Silicon Polymer Technology formula promises intense color that stays on hours without smudging. It comes in a smact packaging where the brush is neatly attached to the casing.

Cara Pengunaan: (sorry i write in BAHASA INDONESIA, like in the package box)
Celupkan tipis kuas ke dalam eyeliner dengan menarik garis lurus pada garis kelopak mata bagian dalam sampai ke ujung mata bagian luar. Untuk efek yang lebih dramatis, tambahkan garis lagi di atas garis pertama.
Setiap selesai pemakain, hapus kelebihan eyeliner pada kuas dengan tissue sebelum memasukkan kembali ke kemasan. Untuk menghindari sisi eyeliner yang menumpuk pada kuas, gunakan kapas yang di basahi Gentle Eye Makeup Remover dari SILKY GIRL untuk membersihkannya. Keringkan de gan tissue dan pastikan kuas kering sebelum dimasukan ke dalam kemasan.
Tutup kemasan eyeliner secara rapat setiap habis pemakaian.

Okay, now is time for comparison the produt.

I would like to comparison with MAD Gel eyeliner Black Out.

first, i applied silky girl

then, i applied MAD on top

Both of them, have a strong black color, but the strongest is MAD.

Now, i would like to test the product is that really waterproof, like they said in the package.
I spray the water, and this is the result.

Both of them, really can stand with the water, and is prove that the product is Waterproof.

But, what if i rub it with my hand?? both of them can stand it or not??

Okay now let see this,

Wow...... i rub it with a strong power, and... the result...
My SILKY GIRL gel liner can stand for smugding. But my MAD... opss.. sorry... u can’t stand it..

The advantages:
•Silky girl gel eyeliner is really chaep for the gel liner product. If u want to use gel eyeliner but the price is expensive. Then u can buy this product.

•Is really waterproof like my MAD gel eyeliner (well, you know MAD is one of the best gel eyeliner).

•If u want to dramatised the eyeliner,, u can applied twice or more so you get the blackest result.

•And u dont have to worry bout smudging.. cause this gel liner have a silicone polymer formula that can stand with smudging.

•They comes with a smart packgaging,, which mean that this product is coes in handy, and u dont have to worry bout the brush, cause they have it.

The shortage:

• This product is small.

• Well, u have to twice or more if u want have the blackest result for your eyeliner.

• Since the brush in the top of it, and for use it u have to put the brush above the lid of eyeliner. And if u the type of people who have so much time for apply it, your gel liner will dry. So, i sugget u have your own brush.

•Is really rare for buying this product. I found it in indomaret outside jakarta TAT

Okay i will give 4 point from 5.

Did u will purchase this product:
Absolutly Yes... i will purchase this product.. cause is really cheap.. and with a best result.

well, that is... thanks for viewing my review. And forgive me 'bout my english ^0^

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sora Management maid & Butler cafe @ kinokuniya

fiuh, as my promise.. i will show u about my cosplay at kinokuniya before.

this time i cosplay as a maid with my friend.
sora, nina, akihi and me in maid section echow, mia, youna in butler section

so this,
WELCOME TO Sora Management Maid & Butler Cafe

our manager ~~

please make an order, goshujin sama~

our staff~

nina and me.

with manager, sora~

me and akihi~~ in bunny ears

the scandal part 1~

the scandal part 2~

the scandal part 3~

me (ukh, no i'm so fat) TAT

the last~~

thank you for seeing my blog ^0^