Monday, 26 December 2011

book reference for plush

yey, today i wanna share bout my book reference for making a plush.

the book title is

"Membuat Sendiri Boneka"
karangan Jane Gibsy and Sue Quinn

is been translate to indonesian, and has been translate for 18 languages.

the book contains 'bout the tutorial animal plush,human plush. etc. and also include the pattern.
so it will be helpful went u make your own plush.

here some article inside the book

how to make a cat and bear plush

create a girl plush

i get this book in local bookstore. is Gunung Agung Bookstore at margo city depok, Indonesia. the price is bout Rp.69.500,-.

i know is maybe a little bit expensive. but is worthed.

and the book is hard cover. ^0^

well, i think that it. so maybe if u wanna to make your own plush and still don't know how? i suggest u to buy this book.

sorry bout my english ^0^

thanks for read my blog

blackwing blizzard plush

well, finally today i finish plush commision.the plush is balckwing blizzard from yugioh. and this is the plush

i really wanna hug this plush ^0^

side view

front view

it tooks 3 days to finish this plush.
i hope the costumer will like this plush ^0^
thanks for reading my blog

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

grey- fairy tail plush

alhamdullilah, today i finish making grey a order from my costumer. and i already send it. ^0^this is the plushi making this in 2 days. the hair is made from felt fabric.the length is bout 50 cm. is medium plush.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

bout my theme

well, i'm really sorry bout my theme. i wanna change with my template.. but.. since i really dont know bout ccs code, etc. so.. i for saveral time the i use default tempalte. until i know how to make my own tampalte. maybe if you have the tutorial or have the link bout making own tempalte. please, kindly give me the link. thanks for read my blog ^0^

lilith- angell studio cosplay


fiuh, today is so fun ^0^.

today i have a photoshot with my friends at Museum of Bank Mandiri. we hed the photoshot is coz my friend kika, she wanna help her friends and a friends of kika friend to finish their photograhy task.

since the locaion is in the museum and they want to us to use gothic costume. so i decide to make the new one. well at the first i want to use my stocking, but then the place is to dark. so, i'm not using my stocking.

and then friday night i, i open my ball jointed doll, i hope i can mix match my costume to looks like one of BJD costume. but, i found the lilith costume from angell studio. wow.. i fell in love with the costume and her.

the costume is so simpel. and i think i can make it in on 1 day.

so, saturday morning i go to tanahabang to buy brukat fabric, acceories, etc.

and in the afternoon i have to meet with my friends to prepare the skit for our cosplay at HELLOFEST. while my frineds discuss bout the skit. i start to cutting the fabric.

then in the night i start to sew, from 7 p.m until 3a.m. wew.. finally i can finish the costume. thanks to ALLAH. and my mom. beuse the new sewing machine is really halp me so much ^0^.

well, this is my costume.. is look great in outside but is so ugly in the inside TAT

the details

the costume.. i love the head accecpries..but i cant find feather in tanahabang i'm so sorry bout that.


lilith.. so lovely ^0^

and this is me... cosplay as lilith from angell-studio i'm so ugly TAT

Thursday, 8 December 2011

APH: Belgia and Austria Plush

again, this the plushie that i just send to my costumer yesterday.

this plush is from Anime AXIS POWER HETALIA. the girl is Belgia and the boy is Austria.

well, i'm teribly sorry for the costumer coz i cant make it right in time. well i just move to another job. so, i still have to reschedule my time TAT.

so this the plush,

Belgia Plush:

front view~

back view~

uniform detail~


Austria Plush

front view~

back view~

finish packaging ^0^

plushie commission (rubow)


well, last week i just finished my comissions from my friend rubow. well six month ago (or more) he just ordered me to make mayuchi ( AKB48 member) plushie. and then he ordered again 2 plush of haruna and milky ( both AKB48 member). so he email me the photo and give me a month to finish the plush (well, i have so much commision and task in office) TAT.

then, this is my plush.. sorry if both of them still messy. but i still leran to make a good plush ^0^


front view

back view

i added some detail ^0^

here the true haruna ^0^


front view

back view

milky >0<

and this. the last plush commision.. well he ordered me 3 days before the deadline. TAT. then it tooks 2 hours to finish this. thank to hot glue. hot glue is important for me for making a plush. >0<


at the first i think jacky kun is a boys, but then rubow told me that jacky kun is a girl LOL.

back view

jacky kun~~

yup, that's it. i still have some commission for this month. TAT. i hope i can finish it. amin.

bye thanks for reading my blog ^0^

Monday, 5 December 2011

honekoneko plush tutorial

hi!.. come back again with me...

well right know i just want to share bout plush tutorial.

here's u can se my deviantart for the detail's. cos is to heavy to put the tutorial in my blog.

henokoneko is a character from panty and stocking.
well, since i'm cosplay as stocking then i should have the honekoneko plush. so i made it by myselt and create my own pattern. if u like to see it visit this:

for tutorial:

and for body pattern:

again, sorry i just make the body part. coz i think u can find the neko haed tutorial. by serching them in deviantart, or google it.


happy plushing