Saturday, 10 March 2012

Interview with Tv One

well, i just having some interview about my disney princess cosplay and bout my cosplay life.

so, at the Hellofest 2012. when we staying at the lobby ( i already said that we can go anywhere because so many people who wants to take a pict with us even when we have a rest). we meet a reporter from Tv One ( a national tv ). his name is oho. He wants to take our picture and video and also wanna interview us. because we different with other cosplayer. we cosplay from Cartoon and Is Disney princess.

then he ask us about our contact person and we give him kika phone number. cos, she is the master plan of disney princess project.

a saveral week later, he text kika and he said that he want to having an interviwewith us. unfortunatly, some of my frinds didn't come in, due to personal reason. so only me and kika who can take the interview. then i ask kika, bout invite ci mia. bacause ci mia will be our philip prince ( lucky for aurora who have a handsome prince). then, she agreed. so the three of us will attend the interview.

the interview was held in Glintz studio ( a photo studio located near of Indosiar Studio).

here some of camwhore that i take on the studio...

ci mia, me and kika

snowlay and uzelay ( actually is snow white and rapunzel but we call them like that)

pretend with this blinked eyes XD

i restyle my wig >0<

well, i still didn't know when the video will be aired. but they said it will be on march... i so nervous waiting it to be aired. XD

thank you for visit my blog ^0^

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