Monday, 18 October 2010

businnes trip to bali!!

hua.... i'm so happy when my bos said that we are going to bali...

yes, because it's my first time visit bali!!!

we going to visit ubudwritersreadersfestifal at 6-9 oct 2010. but we just attend at 6-7 oct. because since it's our first time in bali. so we are going to exploring the bali. hohohohohhoho.

and this my report

my first time on a flight with airasia lol, beside me it's my bos.

ubud writers and reader festival. memories of GUSDUR
the dancers

ayu laksmi... she really have a beautiful vouice. i love her song. it really make me feel gratiful with my life.

next seminar it's about bhineka tunggal ika (harmony in diversity)

next it's my pict in bali
welcome to kuta beach ^0^
welcome to jepun inn ^0^
front of my room

my room

swimming pool ^0^ wow i can swim everyday lol

legian memorial for the victim of bom bali 2

neka museum
meseum le mayeur at sanur

at tanah lot

miniature of garuda wisnu kencana statue

head part of garuda head part of wisnu

another miniature of grauda wisnu kencana statue.

hoaa.. that all.. i love bali..... thanks to my company who invited my to businnes trip at bali!!!