Wednesday, 27 March 2013

ayesha headband tutorial

hi! come back again... it's been along time since my last post... TAT

well, right now, i want to make a some tutorial and also this is my cosplay progress.... in my last post i said that i want to cosply as ayesha... and this is my progres and some tutorial for making ayesha headband

step by step 

ayesha headband step by step by me >0<

1. material : 2 color of fabric (green and black), craft foam, flower, scissors, 3D paint gold, gluegun and hot glue.

2-4. start glueing the fabric in to craft foam. also put the black in back. and gluing to metal hairband

5-6. adding the flower and leaf

7. now, detailing the headband using 3D paint gold. and let it dry 
(ps: using a hairdryer to make it dry more faster >0< )


sorry i'm to shy XD... since i'm in period so my pimple come out.. that's way i  can let u see my  ugly face TAT 

fiuh,, i really want to finish this costume.. but.. hiks.. hiks... 
 i hope i can finish the costume ASAP. aamiin...