Tuesday, 14 May 2013

nyaruko cosplay progress

Hi! Hi! 

like in my last post about ennichisai cosplay plan...

then, i would like to share about my nyaruko costume progress.

here they are~~~

nyaruko is the main character from anime Haiyore! Nyaruko-san.

 But, i'm not gonna make this version... XD

the costume i wanna make is this one... a yukata version which is appears in episode 7

since this is japanese festival ... 
so i would like to cosplay wearing yukata.. and the choice is nyaruko...
 well, at the first  i was confused to choose what character i should make.. 
should i make nyaruko, or maybe usagi tsukino in yukata?? 
but then.. i choose cosplay as nyaruko..  

and here my costume progress..   

I'm still not used to cut with a rotary cutter 

for the fabric, i choose japanase cotton or in indonesia known as 'katun imai'. 
 for the flower details it was hand painted using a local paint textile. 
and for the obi..*sigh....  
i still have to bought the fabric.. 


finish sewing ~~ 

now painted the flower detail..... i get this method from deviantart.. ( i forget who give this tutorial).

 paint the flower details   

first, make the flower in the cardboard . then cutting the cardboard. 

the flower base 

second, paint the flower. and let it dry. ( tips: use a sponge is more effective that using a brush, especially for large image area. also using a hairdryer. so, the paint dry more faster ) 

dear flower please dried quickly.. XD

 now, paint the detail..

 ( for this using a brush ) 


viola,,, done!!! 

the wig 

nyaruko have an ahoge.. and sometimes the ahoge make a heart shape to show her feeling to mahiro.. so i decide to make the ahoge in heart shape 

how messy my heart shape ahoge.. nyan~~~ 

and attach the ahoge at the wig

the result 

lately, for the hair accesories.. i made using a felt and aligator clip.

hair clip~~  

then,  i also had a make up a test or better known as "costest" to cosplay this character. well i still have to buy the corect softlens..  

la~la~la~ lala~~~ how do i look??  

i hope we can't meet at ennichisai event at 25th may 2013 

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see you 

dollfie miruku costume


finally i can finish this comission costume for yukina.. 


i'm so glad hearing yukina love this costume.. and i can't wait to see her using the costume.

well, miruku is a character from dollfie ( a merk for ball jointed doll ). she love miruku and she also have been cosplaying as miruku. but this costume is a different version of miruku.

the detail of the costume. 

i make using a diferrent of fabric such as satin, organdy ( organza ) , chiffon and other material like ribbon lace,  metallic 3D paint, etc. 
for the corset, i'm  bought a ready to wear corset and added a lace ribbon for detailing. so is more cheaper and more easier to make.. XD.

adding detail, like ribbon lace and organdy.

side view

and for the skirt... i make a two layer of skirt, first layer is a white satin and a pink ruffles (chiffon) at the end of skirt. and the second is organdy. and the end of organdy i was adding a rope .. so i can add the flower insde the organdy. 



then for the detail of the costume is the flower. i making using a different type, size, color, of a fake flower. i bought for idr 25-45rb  for 1  bouquet.  1 bouquet contains 5- 7 flowers.  after I collected all the flowers, so the most and a tired process is to arrange the flower in wire with 4mm thickness and length of about 3 meters and also cover the wire using a green ribbon. 

the flower 

i also made the accesories, like the hairclip, choker, brooch, and butterfly brooch ( for the back detail) 

the accesories

butterfly brooch

and this finished work 

pm me if u interest in making a costume/ plush / cosplay props, etc.
 yukalicious :
Hp: 0812 1989 6091
email : nur.wijayanti89@gmail.com

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Friday, 10 May 2013

Ennichisai Cosplay Plan

Hi! Hi! 

do you know about event ennichisai?? which was held in blok m jakarta??? 

yups... that's was one of the biggest japan matsuri in indonesia (jakarta)...
the event will held in 25-26 may?? yay.... i can't wait to go to the event..  

 since the event will take 2 days.. and maybe i attend both days.. so... this is my plan~~

first day i will cosplay as nyaruko ini yukata version.. which is appear in eps 07.... this one of romatic scene in the anime.. and i hope my bf  will cosplay as mahiro .. but he reject it...  huaaaa..... 

i always wanna go to japan matsuri and wearing yukata ( or cosplay in yukata) with my BF.. but...... 
*okay forget it

so,,, this is my progress for making the costume.. and i still have to make the obi and detailing the flower paniting.

preparing the material and tools  

sew~~ sew~~ sew~~

finishh yukata~

make the flower  pattern 

yay.. not finish yet... still have to detailing the flowers 

how can watch anime while i'm sewing... 

fiuh.... that's was my progress for the first day of ennichisai...

and this is my cosplay plan for the second day...

actually, this is my OLD costume from anime lucky star.... i was osplay as hiragi sisters with my cosplay partner rui...

my old cosplay... 

the costume 

and yay.. finish~~~ 

okay.. at the 2nd day.. i will cosplay as yumi from time quest or time travel tondokeman  an old anime from 1989...

pii diip pii dipp terbang~~ terbang~~~ teko ajaib~~~  

i maybe still a baby.... when this anime is produce... but at 199+,  it think some tv chanel played this anime.. maybe is indosiar??? or?? kinda forget...

also i was cosplaying b'cause rhea ask me to acommpany her.. and also i have a promise with her to cosplay as yumi and beside it i love the anime and yumi~~~ 

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