Friday, 16 March 2012

my next cosplay project

so, after finish my rapunzel costume. now i want to focus on my own project.^0^

well, is my dream project for cosplaying this series. and i also gonna have a friend who will be my pair. ^0^.. is ci mia.. can't wait to cosplay with handsome guy... XD

well, since i'm a jobless. and having so much time to do something. so i decide to making a flower details to my costume. and is for sleeves part and collar.

i paint the detail using acrylic paint.

here the process

first, i draw the red colour first, (well, i'm gonna use 3 colour)

then yellow

well before i shown you my result (after i paint the green)
i would like to show u the original image and is..

then this my result.

hahaha not bad.. XD

and finish ^0^.

tomorrow i will hunting some fabric for my other cosplay project with rui. and i aslo wanna buy a fabric for this cosplay.. well i already bought the other fabic. but the colour is wrong..


oh my money~~~~

sorry bout my english ^0^


  1. Di Emporium Pluit mau ada cosplay tuh, Yuki. You coming? Deket rumahku sih, rencananya pengen dateng meski ga ikutan cosu~ ^_^

  2. phanie... wow.. emporium ya.. hmmm.. pengen dateng si tapi kyna jauh banget klo dari rumahku... TAT