Saturday, 15 October 2011

Make over by revlon from


first i would like to say thanks to for making this event
2 weeks ago or at sep 30, i was chosen by to be 1 of 50 for make over by revlon.

yay, i was so happy. this is my third time. being make over by revlon. i was so excited. b'cos, the second time. i didn't like the result (well, i think my make up is more better) XP.

so i make an apointment to come in oct 1st with my friend rui.

and finally i come to Sogo at Mall Kelapa Gading 2. (the place for the event)

wow, so many kompasioner in that place and they're queuing for the make over.
so i just go for registration and then, they give me a gift.. kyaaa thanks ^0^
b'cos is my turn to make over still 3-4 people so i decided to eat something. b'cos i'm so hungry, i didn't get my breakfast. TAT

while i'm waiting for my food. i open the gift. and

tra~ ta~ ta~ ta~ *sfx

yey, i get beauty small pounch, eyeshadow, lipstick, and a voucher. unfortunatly i didn't use the the voucher TAT.

and this the pict,

fiuh, after windows shoping in saveral shop.

finally my turns to make over ^0^

this the ugly duckling

kya... i'm so ugly TAT

and after

me has turn to swan lol

wow...i love the result espesialy, my eyes. ^0^
u know, i have diferrent shape of my eyes, the left is more bigger than the right.
so, know my eyes look same.. ^0^

here's some pict,

no flash

with flash

again, thx to revlon and ^0^

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