Sunday, 30 October 2011

maid cosplay at Kinokuniya Plaza Senayan

yuhu.. back again with me ^0^

this time i would like to share 'bout event in kinokuniya Plaza senayan 29th oct 2011. so, for celebrating hallowen kinokuniya was held the event called halloween costume party.

so, my friend, nina text me. if i came to the event..she wants me to cosplay as maid. of course i said YES.. but i h ave a little problem. the problem is...

my maid costume ( mikuru maid version) is in my home, and my kafra (ragnarok online) my sister borrow my costume and still in her friends.. TAT

so, i open my drawer, and see if i can mix macth my old costume.. and finally i found it.

1. my asakura mio - don't say lazy costume
2. my shirt
3. apron from my mikuru maid version (suzumiya haruhi no yuutsu)
4. other accesories from my fate hollow ataraxia costume (i forgot the name chara)
5. my totori skirt
6. the last, my tie from tenshi (touhou)

and viola,, i have a new maid costume... ^0^

so this is..
a maid from somewhere.. ^0^

well, the other pict i will upload later T^T

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