Friday, 30 September 2011

Geo Princess Mimi and Barbie eye super nudy lens

Well, two days ago i just order some lens at this online shop is really cheap.. if you buy 3 pairs of lens (you can mix the series).. and you will have more advantages.. like, You will get the wholesale price. Really nice right!!

Since i broke my glasess (TAT) and not yet have the new one.
So, i decide to buy the lens with minus 0.50. and my choice is Geo princess mimi series in brown colour witn minus 0.50. and also i bougth the barbie super nudy in grey colour for my next cosplay (the chara have grey eyes).
unfortunately the barbie lens didn't have minus 0.50 (TAT)

well, i'm not only buy the lens but also buy the travel case.
the travel case is so cute (>0<)
is a pink cat.. lovely <3 .="" br="">
and then here some pict of my lens.

my package

pinky cat... so cute (>O<)

inside the case (^0^)

princess mimi brown without eyeliner... i forgot to put eyeliner (^^);

after i put eyeliner and taken the pict with flash

without flash

so that's it.. and sorry i'm not ready open my barbie super nudy lens. it's b'coz i will open it when i'm finish my costume. ^0^

i hope next month, my costume will be finish. amin

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