Tuesday, 14 May 2013

nyaruko cosplay progress

Hi! Hi! 

like in my last post about ennichisai cosplay plan...

then, i would like to share about my nyaruko costume progress.

here they are~~~

nyaruko is the main character from anime Haiyore! Nyaruko-san.

 But, i'm not gonna make this version... XD

the costume i wanna make is this one... a yukata version which is appears in episode 7

since this is japanese festival ... 
so i would like to cosplay wearing yukata.. and the choice is nyaruko...
 well, at the first  i was confused to choose what character i should make.. 
should i make nyaruko, or maybe usagi tsukino in yukata?? 
but then.. i choose cosplay as nyaruko..  

and here my costume progress..   

I'm still not used to cut with a rotary cutter 

for the fabric, i choose japanase cotton or in indonesia known as 'katun imai'. 
 for the flower details it was hand painted using a local paint textile. 
and for the obi..*sigh....  
i still have to bought the fabric.. 


finish sewing ~~ 

now painted the flower detail..... i get this method from deviantart.. ( i forget who give this tutorial).

 paint the flower details   

first, make the flower in the cardboard . then cutting the cardboard. 

the flower base 

second, paint the flower. and let it dry. ( tips: use a sponge is more effective that using a brush, especially for large image area. also using a hairdryer. so, the paint dry more faster ) 

dear flower please dried quickly.. XD

 now, paint the detail..

 ( for this using a brush ) 


viola,,, done!!! 

the wig 

nyaruko have an ahoge.. and sometimes the ahoge make a heart shape to show her feeling to mahiro.. so i decide to make the ahoge in heart shape 

how messy my heart shape ahoge.. nyan~~~ 

and attach the ahoge at the wig

the result 

lately, for the hair accesories.. i made using a felt and aligator clip.

hair clip~~  

then,  i also had a make up a test or better known as "costest" to cosplay this character. well i still have to buy the corect softlens..  

la~la~la~ lala~~~ how do i look??  

i hope we can't meet at ennichisai event at 25th may 2013 

thank for visit my blog
see you 


  1. hebat ya..keren bikin costum sendiri

    1. chii renzo... makasih.. ia aku jahit sendiri...
      kamu juga bisa koq bikin kostum sendiri.. asal mau belajar.. aku juga ini jahitnya otodidak sama baca2 buku jahit juga. ^0^

  2. wi bagusss mau dong dibikin costume jg hahaha