Tuesday, 14 May 2013

dollfie miruku costume


finally i can finish this comission costume for yukina.. 


i'm so glad hearing yukina love this costume.. and i can't wait to see her using the costume.

well, miruku is a character from dollfie ( a merk for ball jointed doll ). she love miruku and she also have been cosplaying as miruku. but this costume is a different version of miruku.

the detail of the costume. 

i make using a diferrent of fabric such as satin, organdy ( organza ) , chiffon and other material like ribbon lace,  metallic 3D paint, etc. 
for the corset, i'm  bought a ready to wear corset and added a lace ribbon for detailing. so is more cheaper and more easier to make.. XD.

adding detail, like ribbon lace and organdy.

side view

and for the skirt... i make a two layer of skirt, first layer is a white satin and a pink ruffles (chiffon) at the end of skirt. and the second is organdy. and the end of organdy i was adding a rope .. so i can add the flower insde the organdy. 



then for the detail of the costume is the flower. i making using a different type, size, color, of a fake flower. i bought for idr 25-45rb  for 1  bouquet.  1 bouquet contains 5- 7 flowers.  after I collected all the flowers, so the most and a tired process is to arrange the flower in wire with 4mm thickness and length of about 3 meters and also cover the wire using a green ribbon. 

the flower 

i also made the accesories, like the hairclip, choker, brooch, and butterfly brooch ( for the back detail) 

the accesories

butterfly brooch

and this finished work 

pm me if u interest in making a costume/ plush / cosplay props, etc.
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