Tuesday, 7 May 2013

B.A.P Matoki Plush

Hi! Hi! 

do you know about the new Kpop Boyband which the name of group is BAP??

well, lately my friend Rui has been  fangirling about the kpop group BAP.

so,  she trying to make me fangirling about the BAP too and... yup i love them.. even i'm still being a normal... XD * i'm not a crazy fans bout Kpop Idol* 

then. in order to fullfil the fans about their dream to hugging or kissing, etc... 

now, i would like to introduce my new plushie project... 

is B.A.P Matoki Plush... matoki is like the icon of the BAP member. they come with an image from outerspace and their form is Alien Bunnies

so here the original design..

and here the fiinish plush

detail plush: height from head to toe 30 cm ( ear doesn't count)
material : velboa, felt ( for details)
price : 1 pcs idr 50.000,-
1 set ( 6 pcs) idr 270.000,-

so if u interested to adopt this plush, or give it to your friends, family, BF/GF as a present. you can contact me. 
Yuka 0812 1989 60 91

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