Friday, 18 January 2013

i'm so bored!!!!

fiuh,, today i'm so bored..

i know..i have so many task to do... but,, i'm not in the mood to finish them all...

so, i just put some make up,especially bb cream, powder, eyeliner, lashes, blush on, also 'Red Lipstick' and wearing a wig... actually i wanna make a park bom make up in her "It Hurts" MV... but...

well... this is the pict...

i think, i'm not good wearing red listick.. TAT...

oh, i forgot..


hahahahah, sorry it was so late to say that....TAT

but, i'm kinda busy. and never update my bloq... TAT, while my last post is in august.. and now is january.. hahahahhahaha #plak

okay, i promise.. i will update my blog again ^0^

thanks for reading my blog ^0^

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