Sunday, 27 January 2013

january commission finish

hai! hai!

fiuh, now i wanna share my latest commission..

it was a some costume from Anime Sword Art Online ( Kirito) , game RF Online (Bee Hammer) and game Castelvabie ( Simon Belmont).
well, all of them is a male costume >0<...
it's kinda a little bit hard make a male costume... but i can make it .. yay...

so it is..

Kirito ( Sword Art Online )

Bee Hammer ( RF Online)

Simon Belmont ( Castelvania ) 

yosh.. it's done...

well i still have some commision for a costume and plush.. and still making them. i will publish again if i already finish...

thank you for reading my blog ^0^

have a nice day~~~ 

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