Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Rapunzel cosplay and the other disney princess

yay, finally. my rapunzel costume has been finish. well.. it make's me wanna dead. b'coz. i got some trouble. i have a costumer who forgot to remebering me that he want's to use his costume at hellofest. TAT
but finally i can finish it. that's the power of "kepepet" (kepepet is mean we are in a desperate time for deadline).

well,i start to make the costume at the last week before the event. if u see my last post about the rapunzel. u will see that i already paint some details on the skirt.

so this is the details, about my progress.

1st day,
i finish the skirt detail, i paint with the acrylic paint and paint the basic color (white). b'coz. if i paint directly with the pink color. the color is not very visible. that's way i paint first using white color.

2nd day,
i paint the skirt details with the right color ( pink and blue).

3rd day,

i start to sew the skirt.

choosing the detail @-@

finish ^0^

4th day,
finally. i'm at the climax. i sew the slevees to the corset, add the botton on the back. and making the rope details at the front corset. and finally my rapunzel is finish... kya.....

attach the ribbon ^0^

handsew first

finish the corset (front)

back view

finish the costume

note: i already finish the slevees and styling the wig at the 3 week before the event was held.

5th day
start to packing and. go to the hotel with mika (aurora).
we planned to stay at the hotel. so we can came to the event together. and have a place to keep our belongings.

pascal.... i made 1 hour before we go to the hotel.

finally, the day of event....

well, i wake up at the morning. b'coz i have to help my friend kisame widi (jasmine) to style her wig. she bring a lot of hair bun (well is about 5-6 ) and some of the bun looks like a brain.. so we call it mojojojo hair.. b'coz it remind me about the villain on cartoon power puff girl .. XD

jasmine wig

jasmine wig

and finally.. after put so many of the bun.. the cobra hair (another name of jasmine hair) or mojojojo hair is finish.. it's tooks 'bout one hour to finish this. after that i take a shower and breakfast.... XP

well, my job is not only that. i still have to help my friends ( rui and rhea) applying eye shadow, eyeliner and fake eyelashes.. TAT.. while, mine isn't done. TAT

then, i restyle again mika (aurora ) wig. TAT.. but. this one is much better than before. (actualy i already style it). after that, i styling the cinderella bangs(ikao).

finally. i can finish my make up. and also style my bangs ( rapunzel wig) ^0^

back of my wig, full of flower ^0^

so we're ready to cosplay ^0^

our hotel isn't so far from balai kartini. but since we already dresses so is imposibble to walk from hotel to balai kartini ( the palce where the event was held)

so, we ordered the large taxi ( silver bird alphard).

and in the taxi ikao ( cinderella) she really acting like a princess..she sitting at the front. well, we even laugh at the taxi because she doing something funny. like asking bout the mirror. and we said that at the upside her. there was a mirror. but she asking bout to open it. and acting like she didn't knows if we open the mirror. the light will turn on.. XD

then finally. we're AT Balai Kartini.

c'mon let's dance princess ^0^

when we come out of the taxi. seems like everyone was amazed to see us. @0@

well. almost all disney princess came out from the taxi. minus jasmine, pocahontas, and tinker bell. XD

and then we're heading to the backstage to practice our skit and waiting for out time to perform.

well, actually we have some clash with the committee. but i don't want to talk it anymore.. i'm fed up with them. and hoping next year they will improve they performance.

so.. finally our turn to perform ^0^

here. u can see our video. thanks to naru for taking this pict..

video link

on the stage thank to yohana for taking this pict.

finally, Our dream was to cosplay as a disney princess was achieved. seeing the audience love our perform. and after the perform. so many people who want to taking our picture. even when we rest they still want to take a picture. XD
starting from a strange smile to yaoming face... people didn't stop to capture our pict. TAT.

taken by naru ^0^ thanks prince ali

me with pascal ^0^

the princess + tinker bell

minus ariel.. TAT she going back to the sea XP


well, this is the first time i have experience like that. actually when we cosplay.. we still have time to rest and walk around the place. but.. this time.. we just stand by in the same places. TAT we can't go around. TAT

well. i'm so happy. even i'm so tired. TAT.

we come back to the hotel at 8 p.m

start to packing our costume. and clean up the room. b'coz is really a mess. TAT. even we did't allow the room service to clean our room. XD.

then, we not immediately sleep. but we still hold a gossip time until 2 a.m. XP.

the sun was came. is mean that we will split. ost of them come back to their home. but not with me and rui. we still gping to meet up with a cosplayer from jogja and semarang. to catch up with them. and again is gossip time.. XD.

here the cosplayer.

and the moon has come. i start to come home.. b'cos tomorrow i still have to work. TAT.

note: i lost my voice.. TAT.. is time to drink some herb to recover my voice.

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