Wednesday, 11 January 2012

rapunzel cosplay progress

fiuh, my next cosplay.

well, me and my friends we have a plan to cosplay as disney princess. since i love rapunzel, and i have a plan to cosplay it with my BF then, i took rapunzel. he5.

so, we will cosplay it at hellofest at february 2012. we have a little skit to do at the convention. and still have to practice more often.

and here, some progrees of my costume. i know there maybe just 10%. BUT... I hope i can finish it. Amin.

this is the corset part. still have added some detail.

for this corset i bought it at tanahabang then i fix some part and added a detail and will added the sleeves part. A.S.A.P

and this for the skirt

i paint the details using acrylic paint.
i took so many time to paint this. 2 hours just for the line (and unfortunately i have to fix some line) TAT

and this after i paint it. i think i paint bout 1-1,5 hour.

and as u know. it just 3/4 skirt. it means, is still a long journey to finish this skirt TAT.

i hope i have some time to finish this all. amin

well that's it. i will upload the progress later. ^0^

thanks for vist my blog ^0^


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  2. Good luck in finishing the costume!

    anyway, i have a make up contest going on, mind to join it? :D