Thursday, 8 December 2011

plushie commission (rubow)


well, last week i just finished my comissions from my friend rubow. well six month ago (or more) he just ordered me to make mayuchi ( AKB48 member) plushie. and then he ordered again 2 plush of haruna and milky ( both AKB48 member). so he email me the photo and give me a month to finish the plush (well, i have so much commision and task in office) TAT.

then, this is my plush.. sorry if both of them still messy. but i still leran to make a good plush ^0^


front view

back view

i added some detail ^0^

here the true haruna ^0^


front view

back view

milky >0<

and this. the last plush commision.. well he ordered me 3 days before the deadline. TAT. then it tooks 2 hours to finish this. thank to hot glue. hot glue is important for me for making a plush. >0<


at the first i think jacky kun is a boys, but then rubow told me that jacky kun is a girl LOL.

back view

jacky kun~~

yup, that's it. i still have some commission for this month. TAT. i hope i can finish it. amin.

bye thanks for reading my blog ^0^

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