Sunday, 18 December 2011

lilith- angell studio cosplay


fiuh, today is so fun ^0^.

today i have a photoshot with my friends at Museum of Bank Mandiri. we hed the photoshot is coz my friend kika, she wanna help her friends and a friends of kika friend to finish their photograhy task.

since the locaion is in the museum and they want to us to use gothic costume. so i decide to make the new one. well at the first i want to use my stocking, but then the place is to dark. so, i'm not using my stocking.

and then friday night i, i open my ball jointed doll, i hope i can mix match my costume to looks like one of BJD costume. but, i found the lilith costume from angell studio. wow.. i fell in love with the costume and her.

the costume is so simpel. and i think i can make it in on 1 day.

so, saturday morning i go to tanahabang to buy brukat fabric, acceories, etc.

and in the afternoon i have to meet with my friends to prepare the skit for our cosplay at HELLOFEST. while my frineds discuss bout the skit. i start to cutting the fabric.

then in the night i start to sew, from 7 p.m until 3a.m. wew.. finally i can finish the costume. thanks to ALLAH. and my mom. beuse the new sewing machine is really halp me so much ^0^.

well, this is my costume.. is look great in outside but is so ugly in the inside TAT

the details

the costume.. i love the head accecpries..but i cant find feather in tanahabang i'm so sorry bout that.


lilith.. so lovely ^0^

and this is me... cosplay as lilith from angell-studio i'm so ugly TAT

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