Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sora Management maid & Butler cafe @ kinokuniya

fiuh, as my promise.. i will show u about my cosplay at kinokuniya before.

this time i cosplay as a maid with my friend.
sora, nina, akihi and me in maid section echow, mia, youna in butler section

so this,
WELCOME TO Sora Management Maid & Butler Cafe

our manager ~~

please make an order, goshujin sama~

our staff~

nina and me.

with manager, sora~

me and akihi~~ in bunny ears

the scandal part 1~

the scandal part 2~

the scandal part 3~

me (ukh, no i'm so fat) TAT

the last~~

thank you for seeing my blog ^0^

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