Tuesday, 22 November 2011

atelier totori costume finish


finally, my totori costume is finish

i start making this costume in 19th sept 2011 and finish at nov 2011.
wow, so long. yup.

is because i still have some comission and my task in office.. so my time to sew is just from 7 p.m till 10 p.m.

i would like to say thanks to my mom.. cause she bought me a new sewing machine.

thanks mom!

well and this is my costume process

the skirt

cover boots~

the dress... ukgh.. i hate this dress.. cause i have to remake again.. beacuse of my foolish.. for making a wrong pattern.. and have to resewing again.. and this the best i can sew.. TAT

material for bolero part

finish bolero..
this is my first time making an embiordery.. so i still screw some part TAT

the bag ^0^

and the result is...

yay... i fisrt using this costume in World Cyber Game event. in epicentrum Jakarta 12 nov 2011

this, my pict.. when i cosplay as Totori from atelier totori

okay, i will post the other pict.. if my friend finish edited the pict...

well thanks for viewing my blog~~